Windows 11 Fails to Make Headway.

Posted in: Microsoft 18/11/22

Windows Computers make up 76% of the worlds computing technology compared to only 15.7% from the next biggest competitor OSX. Windows 11 has been on general release since October 5th 2021 and yet it has failed to make ground with only 1 in 6 machines now having updated.

Should Windows 11 have existed? When Windows 10 was released Microsoft said that it was likely that it would be their last big release with a move towards Windows as a Service. However, as threats evolved it was clear that Microsoft needed to make a significant step change in their technology.  Windows 11 was born with Hardware Root Trust , Secure Boot and Hypervisor Protected Code Integrity and hardware enforced Stack Protection.

Poor Timing. These technologies have caused part of the poor adoption problem. Hardware Root Trust requires a Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) chip and this made a vast swathe of machines (some 42% of tested machines) unsuitable. Most organisations emerging from the financial challenges of the pandemic are reluctant to upgrade from Windows 10 on their otherwise perfectly performing hardware. With the current constraints in the chip manufacturers supply, machines are on extended lead times and inflationary pressures are making new hardware look expensive.

Coupled with early adoption issues such as compatible drivers most sane IT Managers will wait 18 months for any Microsoft product to prove itself and have the kinks worked out before rolling out.

Meanwhile Microsoft’s Azure hosted desktop technology may actually catch up to prove a viable alternative. Watch this space!

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