Windows 11, can’t even give it away!

Microsoft’s launch of its Windows 11 Operating system for client machines is not looking very popular with very few businesses saying that they are planning a roll out at the moment even though the upgrade is “free”.

Timing probably has a lot to do with this decision. Most businesses are reeling from the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, let alone other market influences. Then there is the chip shortage delaying the supply of suitable machines. Most potential users are finding that when they run the pre-installation checks that their existing business machines, that are working well with Windows 10, they fall below the requirement for Windows 11. So, a combination of slow delivery and increases in hardware costs are putting a lot of business decision makers off even before considerations of change management.

Early reviews were not especially good and we suspect our advice will remain to await service pack 1 before really being tempted to consider this upgrade unless Microsoft increases its range of chip support.

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