Welcome to Windows 7

With Windows 7 released to manufacturing and general availability confirmed for the 22 October, it is the perfect time for customers to adopt this new operating system.

  • Choosing a Deployment Strategy – Choose the best Windows deployment strategy for you
  • Windows 7 Upgrade Paths Guide – Get a quick view of the supported and unsupported upgrade paths for Windows 7 SKUs. A web version of this guide is also available.
  • Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration Guide – Focus on the key discussion areas when migrating customers from a Windows XP environment to Windows 7. Access the tools and resources to help you do this.
  • Volume Activation in Windows 7 – Learn about the concepts, capabilities and recommended best practices that can help you manage the activation of Window 7 in enterprise environments.

Providing you with technical support and guidance, the ‘Road to Windows 7’ resource page includes a range of videos that answer Windows 7 technical queries covering areas including Deployment, Application Compatibility, Security, IT Productivity, Windows Enterprise Features and User Experience.

IT Ambulance has been working with Windows 7 for some months now and is happy to endorse it as fit for our customers business. We take our role of protecting our customers technical budget very seriously. We also have access to Windows XP as a downgrade option from Windows 7 meaning you can have XP now and free upgrade rights to Windows 7 when YOU feel confident.

For more information on Windows 7 ask your Technician or call the Microsoft Licencing Sales Specialists at IT Ambulance on 0800 0214 999