We Make Remote Backup Not So Remote

IT Ambulance has now completed deployment of two new UK based data centres to bring in house and provide better service and control of off-site backup solutions for our customers.

Dis-satisfied with the anonymous web based providers of offsite backup solutions and their woefully inadequate contractual commitments to our customers data custodianship, IT Ambulance has made a major investment in creating duel locations where we can be confident of the security of our customers backup data.

We have an utterly dependable backup software solution that allows us to utilise our customers redundant bandwidth overnight to securely transfer data to a remote location for the purposes of offsite data storage. Bringing the storage element in house gives us end to end control.

We have deployed the solution across a number of our larger customer sites where it has worked faultlessly for a number of months.

Some customers have naturally moved towards using this as the sole backup methodology for their companies precious back up data and we take our commitment terribly seriously.

“One of the key reasons for deploying this solution is that in the face of a real business disaster there aren’t going to be embarrassed finger pointing sessions going on about who was responsible for taking the previous nights backup tape off sites.

“The last thing we would want it to be one of the red faces” said Technical Director, Ian Potts.

The move to relying on our own technology and infrastructure is clearly an investment in our commitment to our customers best interests. Furthermore it allows us to make undertakings to our customers under the seventh principle of the Data Protection Act 1998 with complete clarity.

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