Virtualisation Key to Trouble Free Move

Office Move without the Drama

Well, instead of invoking a full Disaster Recovery scenario around our move, the task was set this time to move the company and its critical systems without any downtime for the business. I can tell you that, at that news, there were some bits of paper that went in the bin, it having been assumed that we would use the opportunity to test our Bug Out plan.

Instead though, this became an even more devious mind game. Over the intervening years since our last move, we have amassed a significant number of secondary and even tertiary systems spread over a rack full of servers. These are both physically heavy and difficult to move and each would need to be networked individually, prolonging the period to “Business As Usual”. This presented the opportunity to rationalise and virtualise some of our servers on to less physical hardware.

Virtualisation allowed us to copy our servers in such a way that they could be restored to dissimilar hardware readily and quickly.

It also gave us the opportunity to look hard at the systems we use day to day across our office locations and consider the best place for them, based on bandwidth and security. So part of this rationalisation saw us halve the number of physical machines to be moved and some of those move ahead of time to our hosting centres.

Accordingly, the hardest part of moving our technical infrastructure was moving the Rack and the enormously heavy UPS system.

The actual relocation took 3 hours one evening, after office hours. It was all a bit of an anti-climax!

The thought process and technology behind this exercise really improves system recoverability in the event of a failure and reduces the time relocation takes in the event of a Bug Out to a DR Location  ever being required.

If you would like Virtualisation to help your business consolidate its information assets for any reason, or to develop a Disaster Recovery Strategy using this technology call IT Ambulance on 0800 0214 999.