This Weeks Dumbest Idea

Somebody kindly mentioned to me this week that somebody “had finally developed a Fireproof and waterproof hard-drive saving all that off site back up malarkey.”

So I took a look at what was available and became extremely concerned.

The concept is a good one in so far as it goes but as a replacement for off site back up it is not. Why?

Well generally these products are rated at 30 minutes at 1500 degrees. And waterproof for submersion over 24hrs.

The last fire we attended took a full 3 days to put out.  Only a very minor fire would be protected against at all. In that fire the asbestos released kept everbody off site for weeks. My first experience of an office and warehouse fire in 1992 caused a roof collapse and a dry cleaning boiler unit in the warehouse ( that is a boiler used to industrailly heat water for a laundry plant) melted. The contents of that companies fire safe were charred and melted not burned.

Also nobody thought to test the Waterproofing of the drives after exposure to fire, which is a more likely scenario.

Yes, I am for anything that preserves a business’s most recent data set on site but in any event a copy of at least last nights back up must be kept off site.

Because humans are prone to errors, sickness and holiday we created our Datavault solution. A much more reliable way of preserving a copy of your companies most critical data.

“Fireproof” and “Waterproof” hard drives as a lone solution for data back ups. Save your money!

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