Swine Flu Policy at IT Ambulance

IT Ambulance has a zero tolerance approach to managing the risk of infection from Swine Flu.

Our staff will not be allowed to come to work under any circumstances if they have any Flu-like symptoms. Anybody developing symptoms will be sent home. We are requiring our staff to obtain a Doctors certificate confirming they are well before they return to work after any suspected case.

The risk of cross contamination between customer sites is limited by in house policies regarding hygiene. Every member of customer facing staff has been made aware of our policies. IT Ambulance works with a number of businesses in the food sector and our general principles regarding infection control stem from this.

All IT Ambulance Technical staff have access to Anti-bacterial hand gel which they are instructed to use after leaving any customer site.

Hand contact with surfaces infected with airborne droplets is still thought to be the main cause of infection.

Whilst we have a policy on this subject we trust your business will have a similar protocol in place for the sake of everyone.

It is expected that upwards of 15% of your workforce will be off sick with Swine Flu by Autumn.

IT Ambulance has prepared a contingency plan to cope with this to ensure our services to your business are not affected.

An article on investigating the preparing business IT to cope with  the peak of the Pandemic in the UK will follow.

For more information on IT Ambulance call 0800 0214 999