Step One in Protecting Online Assets

Posted in: Cyber Security 05/04/22

Over and over again we see statistics that show that your biggest risk to your network security is a weak or predictable password. Once a Mal-Actor has access to your account they have all the rights and privileges that you do. Think about that for a second. If I have your email address, I can reset all your other passwords.


It’s a fine line between having a strong password that you can remember and the temptation to writing it down. We often cringe at passwords written on a post it note stuck to a computer monitor!

Making a sensible password is easy.

  1. Pick three words. (Eg.)
  • Goldfish
  • Swallows
  • Pie
  1. Change some characters to numbers or special characters or add one.
  • Goldf1sh5wallowsP1e!

You now have a memorable 20 character “Strong” Password which is significantly better that the minimum 8 character requirement, unlikely to be your football team or the kids/dogs name that can be found on social media.


The next step is really easy too. Only use this password in one place. Don’t use your office password for internet banking, Facebook, Netflix or Linkedin! If any service outside your business is hacked they will have the details of your email address and your password. Its very common for senior people/business owners to use their work email address for everything. This means the Mal-Actors know your business details, email address and password.

If you have a strong password like this that you don’t use anywhere else then this is preferable to the complexities and risks of changing it frequently.


Don’t share your password with your colleagues. You would be surprised how readily your trusted workmate will shout your password across the office when a technician is trying to work on your machine.

In our digital age your will have dozens of passwords for different accounts. There are apps for your mobile that will help you store them. These will at least be protected by some form of Biometric Security.

Obviously, if you have admin level privileges then really there is no substitute for Multi Factor Authentication.

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