Small Business Server 2011 OLP Withdrawn from Sale.

Microsoft have announced that Small Business Server 2011 (OLP) is to be deleted from its range from 30th June 2013.

This is in line with Microsoft’s campaign of driving small businesses into the cloud for email.

Unfortunately the Server 2012 platform is priced at about the same as Small Business Server 2011, which came with a raft of features that made it really good value. Now any business running multi-user accounts or line of business applications will be pushed into paying the same for a server and an additional monthly bill for hosted email services such as office 365 which can also roll out subscription based Office products.

Many of our rural customers will understand immediately the threat that poor bandwidth availability will have to such a move. They should look to IT Ambulance to help them secure services for at least the next 3 years, whilst keeping their fingers crossed that the promise of High Speed Broadband materialises.