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Remote IT Support

Our Remote Management platform forms the foundation of our Managed Service offering and allows us rapid access to remotely support all of our customers systems, as well as giving us insight into what is going on.

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Remote IT support you can rely on

Not just a voice on the telephone

Remotely supporting your infrastructure in your offices or at your teams home office, in the cloud, or in a hybrid mix of both is an absolute necessity these days. It has supported our social distancing but has become the norm.

IT Ambulance has a large remote IT support service desk staffed by Technicians with more experience than most of our competitors and are each individually qualified. They work within a quality and security framework that is externally audited to internationally recognised quality standards ISO9001 and ISO27001.

However, one of the attributes we look for in our people are their people skills and IT Ambulance’s Technicians are undoubtedly approachable and good people to have on your side.

So whilst we appreciate the need for great quality remote support we don’t use it as a barrier to fend off on-site interaction.

Remote IT support is key but you don't need Shrinking Violets too.

Whilst quality remote support is a key part of any quality IT support strategy, the grim fact is that when the chips (and your systems) are down and you and your team can’t work, you will want an IT Support partner that will turn up quickly on site and help you to fix the problem and have the presence (literally) to make snap judgements to create “work-arounds,” to keep you in business.

IT Ambulance Ltd is larger than most IT Support Companies. We have a dedicated team on our UK based help-desk that speak plain English and will remotely monitor your operations systems and do routine maintenance remotely where possible but you can’t clean the fans in your hardware remotely. Nor can you just ask that little question that you wouldn’t pick up the phone for!

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Remote IT Support FAQs

How do you support our IT without being on site?

We employ diagnostic software on every machine we support. This gives us real time information on the performance of that hardware. This gives us the opportunity to head off issues like running out of space, failure to update the operating system or anti-virus solution which of course can head off bigger issues and unplanned downtime for your operation. We also manage remote access to your estate, that grants our technicians highly secure access within seconds. We can support your servers or share a screen with your team to deliver an efficient resolution. So wherever your team is working from we have you covered.

We are used to having an onsite person. How does IT Ambulance compare?

Our business was built around being on site with you within the hour. We still have customers that like a weekly visit and are happy to facilitate this. We want you to have a great, personal relationship with our named technicians because it makes life easier for us both. However, with systems being more and more cloud based and workers being more flexible in the location that they work from it is often the case that we are working with a large geographical area to support your team on a backend system that is hosted somewhere not physically accessible. Our service adapts to your new normal. We are happy to offer you completely remote support, manage new equipment issuing and reissuing in accordance with agreed builds for your organization, conduct routine checks and balances on a scheduled basis and be at the end of the phone when you need help. What definitely doesn’t change is the quality of our UK based team, that have great communication skills, genuinely care about resolving your issues and work within a defined quality approach that is externally audited to ensure great service delivery.

What can you do remotely?

Our sophisticated management system allows us a real time view of your IT estate. It allows us to manage your systems proactively, by exception. When we need to intervene in the system we have state of the art security controlled access to your systems that allows us to do exactly what we would do at your desktop, changing settings, installing fixes or explaining where your team has gone wrong while we are on the phone or a Teams call. So long as you have power and internet we can save you the travel time on most jobs.

What can't you do remotely?

Obviously its not possible to resolve issues with power supply, internet being down or failed hardware without a site visit. Contingency plans can be in place for such situations though. Its not possible to get a feel for the environment remotely. If its too hot, too moist or a machine is in a hostile environment due to production conditions we will not know. For this reason we would recommend at least a quarterly onsite visit to prevent physical problems. Sometimes it is difficult to get customers to open up about user knowledge shortcomings on a phone call. Its nice to have a familiar face you feel you can trust with such gaps in know how.

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Remote IT support is all about customer service

IT Ambulance recognises that we are a customer service company that can use technology to deliver great value to your business rather than just a faceless technology company. Our company believes in quality controlling our people, so we don’t use contractors.

We have a large field based team of qualified, insured and friendly Technicians in your area that are guaranteed to be on site with you within an hour when you need them.

We assign all contract customers a named technician based within 25 miles of their place of business. The face to face relationship they form with your team breaks down barriers to staff admitting they don’t know how and this face to face relationship and familiarity with your systems and staff is a great asset to both us and you.

IT Ambulance is a local IT support company with national reach and the resources and buying power to be a truly invaluable partner.

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