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Remote Backup

Data is the new Gold and it sits there growing exponentially. In the event of corruption, encryption or a total loss event of your critical data you must have a reliable back up. After seeing Managers in the car park of their burning building argue over responsibility, IT Ambulance stepped in with its own infrastructure to take the guess work out of off site back up and recovery.

remote backup services

Remote backups. Manually Verified Daily.

Your remote data backup regime should include an on site, off site and disconnected version of your most recent data, not more than 24 hours old.

IT Ambulance is certified to ISO27001 to manage your Data Integrity and Availability. Our Disaster Recovery practices thoroughly honed and have saved many organisations from failure over the years. With such a large SME customer base we exercise our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans on average at least twice per quarter in real incidents.

We are committed to offering an exceptionally reliable Remote Backup Solution for all of our Managed Service Contracts based on our own infrastructure, in the UK. Our team verifies your back up, personally on a daily basis.

Can you really trust some faceless, internet service to recover your last ditch back up from its server in wherever?

Quality Disaster Recovery planning

A basic requirement of any Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, typically required by your Insurer, is a verified back up copy of your data. However, this will be rendered utterly useless if it is burned, stolen, drenched or otherwise denied access to. An off site back up should always be part of your companies procedure but who do you trust to be responsible for it, religiously, 365 days per year.

Our remote back-up solutions mean that we can reach into your data-store using the same safe and secure means that we employ to remotely support your equipment. Our investment in our own infrastructure to host your off site back up means you aren’t left worrying where in the world your data is when you need it most.

Even in the event of a total loss on site, we have a copy available for you, avoiding a lot of recriminations, remorse and finger pointing.

As with all IT Ambulance solutions, our approach is pragmatic and affordable.

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