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If you have a technology issue that frustrates you, IT Ambulance will happily take ownership until it's resolved. The foundation of that approach is understanding not only your systems but your people and upholding a great relationship with your team.

We offer a range of IT Support Contracts to suit your budget

An IT Support Contract is the gateway to a proactively managed system with better security, resilience and uptime.

IT Ambulance Ltd is one of the larger IT Support businesses in the South of England. We are a well established (since 2005), highly sound, ethical, company that is enjoying growth based on delivering outstanding quality of service and value for money to our customers through a range of IT Support Contracts to suit most budgets.

IT Ambulance IT support contracts are all encompassing, so you don’t get caught out. We cover all of your systems maintenance, computer repair, IT support, Network Support, Network Security, Cloud Services, Back Up, Compliance and Disaster Recovery needs.

It is not our business to make money out of your business by charging for work we don’t do.

Covering all of your IT Infrastructure

We will happily cover all of your organisations IT Infrastructure – PCs, Laptops, Servers, Cloud, Network infrastructure including VPN’s, printers, scanners, mobile phone, tablets, Apple Macs etc, although if you have anything particularly exotic we will support you on a best efforts basis.

IT Ambulance as an ISP can provide Lease lines, ADSL, Bonded and SDSL Broadband, Email, Web Hosting, Domain name services.

Through our IT Support Contracts we aim to offer your organisation as complete an IT service and support package as possible, so if anything goes wrong you have just one place to call.

Our IT Support Contracts are written in plain English and we firmly believe in customer retention on the strength of our service not on the strength of our lawyers, giving you confidence in IT Ambulance as a trusted strategic partner to outsource management of your technology needs to.  All of our IT Support Contracts are backed by with our famous same hour, on site, service guarantee.

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IT Support Contracts FAQs

Do you offer different levels of contracts?

Yes we offer three broad levels of support:

Proactive Support Contracts cover your systems with general maintenance and patching and a budget of hours to support the business as usual operations of your organization.

Fully Managed Support Contracts cover the critical elements of your systems on an all risks basis with a support budget for the day to day and some exceptional usage built in.

All Inclusive Support Packages are usually only available to customers with a proven track record of support, following best practice. These are covered on an all risks basis. The reason these are not available straight out of the gate is that we would normally have to build in a contingency for what we don’t know about your user peccadillos that might make the cost out of balance with your actual demands. We are however happy to operate such a contract on a basis where it can be routinely reviewed.

Can you cover our in house support for holidays and sickness?

Can you cover our in house support for holidays and sickness.

Will you TUPE over our existing IT Staff?

This is certainly possible. We do however value our team spirit and have very high expectations of our teams productivity. We reward our staff exceptionally and build in annual training to their work time. Often these are significant problem areas with an organisations existing staff.

What is our contractual tie in?

We keep our customers on the strength of our service, not the strength of our contracts!

We will typically offer terms on a 1 to 3 year basis that coexist with the warranty or licensing on a particular piece of technology we might supply. We typically offer one to three months termination based on how complex the unwinding of a position is simply to protect both parties.

No contracts rolling over for another 12 months if you haven’t given notice within 3 months of the anniversary here. No additional subscriptions tying you into another minimum period. We hate suppliers doing that!

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We offer a range of plans

Sounds Expensive? You might be surprised. Our most basic IT support contracts start at £150 per month but of course our aim is to give you exactly what you need, so many of our customers are on a purely bespoke managed service contracts alleviating the need for them employing their own IT staff with all the holiday and sickness gaps that still leaves.

We regularly find we are 30% cheaper than our competitors and often because we are transparent with our charging you will see exactly why. Because of our excellent buying power you will find that we are also very competitive on Hardware and Software too from leading brands like Dell, Microsoft, Bit Defender and .

IT Ambulance also offers IT Outsource Solutions for companies looking to replace existing IT Departments.

IT Ambulance prides itself on being easy to do business with and we have a large customer base with ample references to prove what we promise.

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