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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are concepts built into the heart of every IT Ambulance Managed Service Contract. Our ISO 27001 Certification demonstrates our qualification us to take care of the Availability an Integrity of your data.

Disaster Recovery IT Services

We are specialists in implementing IT disaster recovery plans

IT Ambulance is a specialist in Auditing, Planning and Implementing strong Disaster Recovery policies for small to medium sized enterprises in Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire & London.

For most companies, DR Planning begins and ends with back-ups. IT Ambulance knows that a reliable backup solution and policy is merely a single component in a much more involved strategy for preparing for disaster.

Our experience in this area is based in hard won knowledge dealing with major disaster recovery responses throughout our customer base in the South of England.

Mitigate your business risk

IT Ambulance policy is to mitigate your business risk with a rational eye on the expenditure for the solution.

With hundreds of SME businesses dependent on IT Ambulance it is inevitable that we deal with multiple major disasters on a quarterly basis including hardware failure, theft, fire, flood, disgruntled employees and location denial through road works!

We are a superb partner to have when the situation becomes critical. Our very experienced Technical and Management personnel are at your disposal in such a situation and maybe more than ever before you will be grateful for our same hour on site service guarantee.

In combination with our regular scheduled maintenance, checking and validating your back ups and keeping on top of your manageable risks, IT Ambulance will document a policy providing a well rounded solution to your Disaster Recovery preparedness.

Disaster Recovery IT Services
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