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Virtual DPO

Our certified Privacy Managers have the ability to bring your operations privacy vision into being and once defined can create framework, policy and training for your staff to protect you from regulatory fines and engender trust in your Data Subjects

Outsource your Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The role of Data Protection Officer in your operation is in some cases mandatory but in all cases shows your organisation is serious about Privacy.

However, the appointment of a DPO is a challenge. They need a very wide set of skills that encompass legal expertise as well as data security and strong interpersonal skills while maintaining independent of your operations influence. In Germany where it is mandatory to appoint a DPO in any company with 15 or more staff outsourcing your DPO is the norm.

You know already that IT Ambulance speaks your language, we have proven expertise in Data Security to ISO27001. Our commitment to privacy is lead through by IAPP qualified Information Privacy Management specialists. We have hard won experience in leading our clients Privacy Programs and uniting the various stakeholders in your organisation to get behind your Privacy Vision, even if that is just to meet your legal compliance.

What does our Virtual Data Protection Officer service include?

For SME scale organisations we build cost effective solutions to GDPR compliance, delivered quickly, to minimize your risk but also to improve the quality of your data and to build trust and reputation with your data subjects.

We offer:

  • A Named DPO, that will register with the ICO on your operations behalf
  • Build your Privacy Program, Policies and Notices
  • Support with Subject Access Requests
  • Perform Privacy and Data Protection Impact assessments
  • Review your international data transactions
  • Train your staff
  • Liase with IT to implement protection
  • Prioritised support if your suffer a Data Breach.
  • Available on demand
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