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Your Law Practice needs an IT Partner that can deliver high availability systems to your users. If things do go wrong we understand the urgency and have the capacity to prioritise your issues. However, this cannot come from cutting corners and taking risks. IT Ambulance has the experience and credentials required to deliver against your required outcomes.

SRA Regulated IT Provider

Delivering Structure and support

The Law Society actually delivers very coherent guidance on IT systems and acceptable practices. SRA Standards and Regulations lay out a pretty onerous framework for your compliance officers to follow. The Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your communications and files are built into the heart of this framework and are critical to your practice. IT Ambulance upholds ISO 27001 as a formal Information Security Management System meeting or exceeding all regulatory requirements from the SRA and we are in a great place to help you with your current and developing technology needs.

Always happy to take ownership of your issues, IT Ambulance is routinely communicating with vendors of specialist applications and see problems through to resolution. We sit at the heart of your organisations vendor management freeing you up to get on with running your practice.

Your practices trusted partner

We have great experience in undertaking digital transformation services and as more and more of the key vendors to law practices find their capabilities on the cloud IT Ambulance will be there to bridge the gap between your staff and the systems they need to gain maximum efficiency and security. Our services are underpinned too by ISO9001.

IT Ambulance can help you to align your IT needs with your desired business outcomes.

Whilst we have the certifications and experience to meet your organisations and regulators specific needs we trust that you will also find us approachable, keen to help, very pragmatic and cost effective. We aim to be a great managed service partner for your long term business needs

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