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Trades wishing to participate in the Safe Contractor Scheme need a policy for Privacy and Data Security but these cannot exist divorced from a quality IT Solution and Support for your business. IT Ambulance has a lot of experience in delivering reasonably priced, robust, solutions for trades wishing to achieve this accreditation.

Alcumus SafeContractor Consultants

Safe Contractor Scheme

Safe Contractor accreditation by Alcumus seeks to help Trades establish their credentials in order to win bids for work. It presents you as a safe, stable and ethical business to work with. It has become a must have to work with many organisations and prequalifies you for certain tenders.

As part of the auditing that is carried out on your business, a number of your policies as well as your financials are vetted. A key part of this is your Data Security and Privacy Policy. Many trades really struggle with this and IT Ambulance is here to help with a review of your data, the risks associated with it and appropriate mitigations in terms of storage and security that will genuinely meet any compliance including GDPR as enforced by the Privacy Act 2018.

Don't copy other people's policies

The worst thing you could do is copy someone else’s’ policies and submit them as your own without any systems behind them, as this is fraud. You have a legal obligation to maintain a minimum level of data security around any personally identifiable information, including your staff, subcontractors, customers and potential customers. In some cases you can have personal liability (not your company) up to a £500,000 fine from the ICO for being complicit or negligent in your duty to privacy. You should also identify any information that is sent to you by your customers that is supplied in confidence as losing this will affect that trust relationship that you are hoping to secure with this scheme.

IT Ambulance can quickly provide you with the appropriate solution for a reliable and secure business system, together with helping you genuinely meet your obligations and produce meaningful Policies to meet compliance with GDPR, Privacy and Data Security.

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SafeContractor Consultants
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