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GDPR In a Box

With qualified Privacy Managers on staff, a deep understanding of both Information Security and Privacy is built into procedures, IT Ambulance is an ideal partner to deliver GDPR Compliance for you as a part of its Managed Service offering.

Make sure your business is GDPR compliant

IT Ambulance has a long history of working with organisations in a strict regulatory framework. This has given us a head start on our competitors in terms of meeting best practice and dealing with the compliance issues raised by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As of 25th May 2018 your business must be in a position to prove demonstrable compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation framework enshrined in UK law under the Privacy Act 2018 which governs how you must hold personally identifiable data. This has a massive impact on how you may use data for marketing and how you must respond to requests regarding personal information (which is the subjects legal right). Sitting at the heart of the Act is a legal responsibility for data security and you must be in a position to prove that you have robust practices that meet best practice.

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