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Whether you have had security issues in the past you want checked out or are ready to implement an organisation wide framework for data security that includes perimeter, internal policies and staff training, IT Ambulance have you covered.

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Cyber Essentials is the UK Government’s endorsed standard for Data Security

Cyber Essentials is the UK Government’s endorsed standard for Data Security that every organization in the UK working with any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) should maintain. To work with any level of public sector contracts this must be externally audited, and you should hold verifiable certification.

IT Ambulance is a centre of excellence for the Cyber Essentials; we understand what it will take to get you to this standard intimately. All of our IT Support Contracts build in the necessary systems to maintain your compliance with this standard. We can liaise with your external auditing body to get you certified.

Beyond this framework we can work with your staff to support their understanding of Cyber Risk, run routine testing on them, and your perimeter security in order to drastically reduce your chances of a data security incident.

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How to get Cyber Essentials certification

Whether you are beginning from the ground up to enhance your business security or seeking to renew your Cyber Essentials certification, IT Ambulance is here to assist you. Achieving Cyber Essentials certification has never been simpler, and our consultant-led compliance support offers the smoothest pathway. Trust IT Ambulance to help you obtain your Cyber Essentials certification effortlessly.

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