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IT Consultancy Services

Understanding the strategic vision of your organisation and aligning IT spend to delivering targeted outcomes requires a specific set of skills. IT Ambulance Consultants have the qualifications to guide your boards decision making and communicate board level thinking down to delivering end user tools

IT consultancy services

IT consultancy services to support your leadership

Your organisation needs to be able to meet the developing needs of your system users and your customers . If you cannot embrace new technologies they could bury you. This is where our IT Consultancy Services come in.

IT Ambulance customers often have only a finite knowledge of the subject and limited time or money to invest in IT. Our IT Consultancy Services offer a wide ranging set of specialist skills and experience in delivering technology based solutions, creating exceptional value and protection from regulatory sanctions. Our IT Consultants are top tier, board level communicators, with a pragmatic approach to finding a way forward.

Our IT Consultancy Services are agnostic, not tied to any one vendors vision of the world and we have enviable experience helping business leaders work out exactly what is good and bad in their vision and helping to shape solutions that actually deliver, on time and budget.

IT Consultancy Services FAQs

What is an IT Consultant?

Typically a consultant differs from an IT Support Technician in that they have a higher level strategic knowledge of IT, the application of technology in your organization, together with relevant laws and strategies to keep you compliant. An IT Consultant is a board level communicator able to explain complex concepts to your organisations senior stakeholders.

We are buying a new software package. Do we need a Project Manager on our side?

Yes its likely if the spend is significant that a Project Manager working for you will mean more chance of successful delivery, on time and to budget. The Project Manager role filled by your vendor has the vendors’ agenda forefront. Engage your own Project Manager early to help define the requirement, oversee the vendor selection and keep the process honest. Better this than engaging one to salvage a project that is woefully over budget and straining your vendor relationship.

How can a Consultant help with Change?

People generally don’t like change. Significant IT projects often don’t realise their value until there is a saving made from implementation. Sometimes an organization needs someone to look at the impact on the organization of change and propose cost saving measures that are unsettling and unwelcome by your staff. A consultant comes into your organization and makes these judgements without fear or favour. They independently make assessments based on fact, not emotion and this is very useful from an HR perspective. At the end of the process they go away and any animosity from the staff is directed at them and not the management who needs to maintain a cordial relationship for ongoing activities.

We are worried about our organisations legal compliance

A Consultant works for you and is bound to confidentiality. They are a subject area expert. They have the communications and business skills to assess your organization dispassionately. They can document your compliance shortcomings and make suggestions as to how best to rectify these issues. At the end of the day your staff have a day job. Sending them on a course for a week or more to gain a relevant qualification does not mean they have the necessary skills of experience to implement change. You will also miss them in their usual role.

Experience to avoid the pitfalls

Our IT Consultancy Services leverage our in-house Consultants depth of understanding both of the operational challenges you may face and a deep insight into Information Technology in its many facets. We can bridge the language and culture barrier that often stands between your team and the technology that can help it most.

We have specific skills in:

  • Designing, innovative, best of breed solutions,
  • Information Security Management Frameworks
  • Running Independent Vendors Assessments
  • Designing Cloud Solutions and Supporting Process and Change
  • Managing complex projects or programmes of change
  • Emergency IT support, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning
  • UK and international Privacy Regulations.
  • Cyber Security Incident and Breach Management.
  • Expert Witness Testimony

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IT consultancy services
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