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Digital Transformation

We utilise a formal, structured approach for delivering against your Cloud vision born out of delivering literally thousands of infrastructure projects using the proven Prince2 project management methodology. Our method means you get what you need, mindful of scope creep and over complication that could derail your project and focusing on quick wins for your team.

Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the process of understanding your business processes and desired outcomes then reimagining them to make use of new digital technologies to support or modify your culture to take advantage of streamlining offered by cloud technologies based on prebuilt, proven concepts for modern working that are often very simple and quick to deliver.

Our well proven, managed delivery methodology is based on Prince2 with some Agile project management principles to focus on quick wins for your organisation, delivered by accredited Prince2 Practitioners.

Having delivered this ground-breaking change for your organisation though, how do you manage it on an on-going basis?

The management of your Cloud based solution requires a specific set of skills far different to the skills your administrators have used since 1997 which makes them wholly unreliable candidates to manage your new solution. Actually, some of them might be secretly terrified that you are making this change.

It’s all taken care of by Microsoft? No, it’s sadly not. Microsoft share responsibility with you depending on what platform you have but they will never be responsible for your data. They provide some innovative tools to protect your data and some excellent end user interfaces but it needs.

Full management ensures no stone is left unturned

Without full management of your Cloud based infrastructure you will rapidly find that the holes you thought you had covered and certainly had covered in your on premises solution are going to catch you out, in part because Microsofts’ evolution of its cloud investment is moving so fast.

More than this though we are repeatedly finding that Cloud migrations that were hastily rushed into to support the rush to home working in 2019 were very poorly conceived and executed. If you have never had your tenant professionally maintained you might be in for a surprise.

Management of your infrastructure, in line with best Data Security, Privacy regulations and with proven quality is a call away.

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