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Tenant Management

The administration of your Microsoft Tenant is essential to aligning the product to your on-going operational needs and key to deriving the very best value from it and its enhanced features.

multi tenant management

Benefit from an arsenal of tools

Although modern working in the Cloud means there is no Server to patch or drives to change for back up, there are an arsenal of tools at the disposal to the Administrator of Microsoft 365 that are aimed at better control, staff management and keeping your data safe from ever more sophisticated threats. If you are not on top of these then you are really missing out on the whole value of the solution.

Modern Management takes traditional IT deployment and support models building on them to focus upon mobility and cloud-based services. Microsoft 365 consists of three main components: Windows desktop application (Windows 10), Office365, Enterprise Mobility and Security. Office365 includes elements such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. Enterprise Mobility and Security covers elements such as Azure Active Directory, Intune, with Information Protection and Threat Analytics to assist with Risk Management. These areas all require management with a significant level of skill.

Productivity, collaboration, privacy, compliance and security

Establishing proactive investigation and intervention will deliver a reliable work environment for your users’ productivity, collaboration, privacy, compliance and security. Key element configuration and management such as:

  • Licensing Management
  • Network Performance Monitoring, Synchronised Active Directory Services in Hybrid configurations.
  • Enabled Multi-Factor Authentication and where applicable Conditional Access.
  • Endpoint Device Management with Intune; or Basic mobility and Security built into Office365.

Platforms within the Microsoft 365 Tenant which need to be managed are Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive. Connections into these services, with the user devices and applications need to be administered and monitored. The final key component being Azure Active Directory synchronisation with Domain Management and Security; are all crucial to ensuring overall reliability and security of your Microsoft 365 services.

It should be noted that Risk Management has 4 key areas in Microsoft365 Technologies; Security Management, Identity-Based Protection, Threat Protection and Information Protection. Each of these areas should be actively reviewed with the business and suitable policies configured in line with company requirements. The setting up of reporting will allow management a view of how the policies are performing against their expectations.

Office 365 multi tenant management
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