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IT Ambulance can help you drive the best value from your Microsoft Azure investment through our Azure Consulting service.

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Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's Cloud platform.

On Microsoft Azure you can host your existing 0n-Premises servers, desktops and remove the need for much of your legacy infrastructure. This model is called Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). You will still be responsible for your data and the management of your operating systems as you were in your On-Premises set up. Your data is still your responsibility.

You can opt into a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering where Microsoft will run updates to your Operating Systems and Databases but your will still be responsible for your data.

You can use certain software vendors products as Software as a Service offering and they will probably back your application data up for you and offer you a Service Level Agreement (SLA) on restoring your service if things go wrong but this still leaves much of your services requiring the management and maintenance of properly experienced and qualified professionals who do more than patch software and swap out faulty parts.

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You now need administrators for your infrastructure that understand this new technology as well as the strategies and policies that exist to protect your investment. They also need the interpersonal skills to be able to support your team through significant change.

IT Ambulance provides a comprehensive set of skills to migrate you to Microsoft Azure and manage your infrastructure as well as supporting your users with a comprehensive knowledge of legal compliance and best practice to ensure your back is comprehensively covered.

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