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Cloud Managed Services

Did you know that it is possible to manage all of your organisations infrastructure off your premises, in the Cloud, even your end user machines can be virtualized in the Cloud with your staff using any mix of desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to support their work.

Cloud Migration Services

Why should you consider moving to the Cloud?

The advantages of this are clear: your data sits in a state of the art facility, secure from all risks and also with an immediate fail over to another location hundreds of miles away, held equally securely in a mirrored state of the art facility. Your systems use enterprise class technologies to keep you secure and everything you do is backed up immediately.

IT Ambulance has extensive experience managing such migrations to the Cloud and also in managing the Cloud services you use with a focus on managing your data, security and costs.

We can take the software that you use now and move it onto a Cloud platform either through Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service or Software as a Service. You simply pay an agreed fixed sum for our services and a predictable monthly licence fee. No more Capex projects every 5 years to replace your hardware!

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