Service Upgrade to Datavault Infrastructure

Datavault – IT Ambulances own off site backup solution is hosted and run from our own premises, by the same staff that take care of you everyday.

Due to the continued growth of our customers data needs IT Ambulance is pleased to announce the upgrade of its hardware at both data centres hosting customers critical data.

” This upgrade trebles our capacity to store business critical data away from customers premises. The upgrade was completed over last weekend and went off faultlessly ” says Technical Director Ian Potts.

Datavault was the brainchild of IT Ambulance Managing Director Frank Connelly. “We had been playing at off site back up as a facility for some while but the decision to invest in our original infrastructure, mirrored at 2 offices, was only made after watching the senior people at one of our customer sites dealing with the fall out of a major disaster event. Seeing the recriminations between that team, arguing over who should have taken the back up off site last night whilst standing in the carpark, looking at their ruined office made me angry. We pretty much ordered hardware for datavault next day. We had everything else in place. We just couldn’t compel the customer to take their back up off site each night. I am delighted that our customers find this a service they see value in. This upgrade makes Datavault completely scaleable to the very largest companies demands.”

IT Ambulance Datavault is typically about 1/3 of the price of faceless commercial offerings hosted who-knows-where.

For more information on Disaster Recovery solutions from IT Ambulance and Datavault call 0800 0214 999