Same Hour IT Support in the Snow!

Well its probably about the most testing set of weather conditions that we have ever had to try us at IT Ambulance but in this weeks snow we have not missed a call.

The only time that IT Ambulance had ever missed a Same Hour Emergancy call happened in similar weather conditions on 8th February 2007 in Aylesbury where drifts of snow and unprepared roads made routes out of the town impassible.

However, in the “Snow Event” this week, better preparation by the Highways Agency coupled with the fantastic performance of our fleet of Volvo’s in the hazardous conditions meant that we didn’t drop a single call.

Conditions across our region have varied from ludicrous to absolutely stunning as I hope the following pictures from our Technicians show.

Milton Keynes to Aylesbury


Park Royal Office – Cumberland Avenue

Shaftesbury Dorset- Thanks Volvo!

No Technicians were harmed in the companies commitment to our customers!
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