Remote Backup

Remote Back upIT Ambulance is one of the largest and most switched on IT Support companies in the South of England, we have 3 offices, Zeals, Wiltshire; Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and Park Royal, Middlesex.

Throughout the region we are well known for our ability to supply IT Support on site in a hurry and programs of Proactive Computer Maintenance to prevent IT downtime. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and our service.

Remote Back upIT Ambulance is committed to quality Disaster Recovery planning with our customer base. Our practices are well tried and tested in anger. With such a large SME customer base we exercise against our Disaster Recovery Plans on average at least twice per quarter.

A basic requirement of any Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan is a quality back up copy of your data but this will be rendered utterly useless if it is burned, stolen, drenched or denied access to.

Off site back up should always be part of your companies policy, but who do you trust to be responsible for it religiously 365 days per year.

The simple answer is IT Ambulance. Our remote back-up solutions mean that we can reach into your data-store using the same safe and secure means that we employ to remotely support your equipment. Then copy your data to the security of our servers in both Wiltshire and West London.

Even in the event of a total loss of data, we have a copy available for you, avoiding a lot of recriminations, remorse and finger pointing.

As with all IT Ambulance solutions, our approach is pragmatic and affordable.

To discuss remote Back Up and how it fits into your Disaster Recovery plan, call 0800 0214 999.