Fairness Policy

Fairness is the single word that epitomizes every policy that IT Ambulance supports.

We live in an age where making a quick buck at the expense of other people seems to be the norm. IT Ambulance is not prepared to conform to this or in any way compromise on integrity. Whilst the technology we work with may be very modern we stand by a set of perhaps old-fashioned principles.

The founder of the company started the business based on helping friends and neighbours with their IT problems, this expanded into local businesses then national businesses and the rest is history. The fundamental approach of the company is still based on this desire to help. Yes, we expect a fair days pay for a fair days work but the central tenant of the company is that we have a successful business model with lots of happy customers and through the careful management of our resources we shall remain prosperous. We don’t see the need to make inflated margins or engage in underhand practices.

We recognize that our customers buy our skills in typically because they don’t possess a deep understanding of the technologies that we work with. We have seen our competitors regularly abuse the position of trust that this places them in.

IT Ambulance unequivocally makes the following statement:

  • IT Ambulance will never abuse the trust of a customer has placed in us.
  • IT Ambulance will never charge more than a reasonable margin on equipment or software.
  • IT Ambulance will never base choice of solution on whatever makes the best margin.
  • IT Ambulance will never inflate the time required to find a solution to your problem.
  • IT Ambulance will never charge the customer for the time it takes to learn how to use their technology.
  • IT Ambulance will never make hidden charges.
  • IT Ambulance will always stick to a quote.
  • IT Ambulance will always work tirelessly to make communication open and simple.
  • IT Ambulance will always seek to be available to discuss any customer concern.
  • IT Ambulance will always work to provide the most efficient solutions to its customers needs.
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