Anti-Discrimination Policy

IT Ambulance recognizes the fundamental worth of everybody and shall reflect this in its practices.

We recognise racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination, both institutional and personal are widespread in our society. Such discrimination prevents equality of opportunity both to employees, our business and our customers business growth.

IT Ambulance Ltd. is run on a purely meritocratic basis and is committed to ensuring excellence in its employees and fairness in its dealings with customers. Our commitment is, to confront and eliminate discrimination wherever it exists in our sphere of influence by acting upon our anti-discrimination policy.

IT Ambulance Ltd. undertakes not to discriminate or in any way treat anyone less favourably on the grounds of: race, gender, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, class, age, disability, appearance, marital status or religion.

We are committed to challenging and dismantling all forms of discrimination in our society by setting an example in our practices through making them sensitive to and suitable for all.

To ensure the full participation of all, we will not accept discriminatory practice by the Board of Management, staff or suppliers whether physical, verbal or in the way we conduct business with our customers. This will be demonstrated in our business as normal practice, whether in recruitment, our promotional materials or generally in our processes and interactions.

Any form of discrimination will be looked upon as serious, will not be taken lightly and may lead to disciplinary action by the Board of Management.

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