Participation and Consultation Policy

We seek to maintain a culture of openness at IT Ambulance. We believe in involving our personnel and customers in matters affecting them. We have a commitment to keep our stakeholders informed of all relevant factors concerning the company’s growth, strategy, financial status, policies charitable activities and other issues. We achieve this through formal and informal and formal briefings, through email bulletins and through our intranet and Website.

Employees are consulted regularly on a wide range of matters affecting their current and future interests.

We review the performance of every member of our team on an annual basis appraising their strengths and weaknesses and support them with training and constructive criticism and advice. Our staff are the cornerstone of our communication with our customers and we value their feedback also in guiding our strategy. We welcome constructive criticism from our customers and actively recommend that you feel free to pass comments on our actions and activities to any members of our team.

We also actively support communication by adding details of every member of staff’s line manager to the bottom of their email. Feel free to make comment. It’s how we learn and grow.

The Board of Directors at IT Ambulance seeks at all times to be available to Staff and Customers and has the humility to know that we don’t have the market cornered on wisdom. Good sense comes from surprisingly different angles.

We welcome your participation in the growth of our business.