Importance of Continuity Plans

Courtesy of the Federation of Small Business

“Increasingly, small firms as well as larger organisations are aware of the uncertainty associated with terrorist threats and disruption as a result of loss of IT systems or extreme weather conditions such as flooding and storms. This uncertainty highlights the importance of small firms, having a continuity plan in case of severe disruption. At the UK level, only 10.5% had a written plan and, not surprisingly, London had the highest proportion of respondents in this group (15.0%) compared to just 7.9% in the North East – with Scotland and Northern Ireland also very low. Overall, 53.0% did not have a plan and 36.5% did not have a plan but had considered one. Somewhat surprisingly, London was one of the lowest regions in this group (32.5%) – with only Wales lower (32.2%) and the East Midlands (40.2%) highest in suggesting they had thought about a continuity plan. More interesting were the responses to the following question about why they did not have a continuity plan: – 8.5% were unaware of what a continuity/contingency plan was and 40.0% had never thought about the need for one. London respondents were the smallest group (33.3%) who had never thought about the need for a plan, with Northern Ireland (surprisingly) the highest with 53.8%. Otherwise, the main reason for not having a plan was the lack of time (22.4%), followed by financial constraints (5.9%) and not knowing where to go for help (4.7%).”

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