Now Is A Good Time To Lease!

Leasing of IT Hardware software and services as a package seems to have become easier recently.

Despite the economic slowdown and general difficulties for business obtaining credit this is one area of the Market that is bucking the trend.

IT Ambulance has a great working relationship with a number of leasing providers who may well be able to offer you leasing for your project or any significant IT outlay.

“Historically leasing was easily obtained for Hardware but software and services (as an intangible) were rarely ever offered upon. However against the backdrop of so much economic doubt the tap seems to finally have been turned on to finance the complete package” Says IT Ambulance Managing Director, Frank Connelly.

IT Ambulance is not directly involved in leasing but can introduce you to very competitive leasing companies delighted to finance your entire project anywhere over £1000 in total.
Leasing can reduce the pressure on your budget converting a potentially it can replace a substantial capital investment with a much smaller monthly rental payment.
Additionally your lease rental payments can be 100% set off against your corporation tax liabilities in the same tax year. Whereas an outright purchase is treated as an asset on your balance sheet, this means that only a depreciating proportion of the systems value can be written down against tax each year.

The main benefits of leasing are;

  • No capital investment outlay required to pay for the equipment or system
  • Overhead cost of installation rolled into rental payment
  • Fixed cost including all equipment, warranty, software and installation services
  • Existing credit facilities and arrangements can be kept intact for other purchases
  • Rental payments are 100% tax deductible, reducing your company’s tax liability each year
  • Maintenance costs can be rolled into the agreements to ensure that the system is fully maintained and kept in full working condition throughout the life of the lease agreement.

As businesses develop or the requirements change, additional equipment can be added with the costs added to the lease agreement. Various options are available including ‘upgrade’ options, where the outstanding rentals are rolled into a new lease agreement along with all the costs for new systems.