Microsoft Windows 7 – Cavalry on the Horizon

At IT Ambulance we have along with the rest of the world suffered no end of frustration with Microsoft Vista.

These have included difficult to understand navigation, dratted User Access Control alerts, failure of simple business products to be compatible and of course PC annihilating resource hunger. (Vista uses a full Gb of RAM to run itself)

However as an early adopter of Vista we have learned a lot and learned to live with it. Whilst it has its limitations and would certainly be a change management nightmare for any wholesale replacement project certainly its press hype has gotten out of hand.

So Microsoft recently opened the lid on its next big thing Windows 7.

There is no firm timeframe on this yet and with the end of Windows XP in August and its last bastion Dell finally giving the worlds most popular operating system the chop on January 2009 we have our concerns for the intervening period.

Early indications are that Windows 7 has learned from its competitors success and Vistas mistakes. Read a review of Windows 7 Here.

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