Microsoft Supports “M” in SME

Microsoft are about to launch Essential Business Server 2008 (EBS2008)

Like its smaller sibling Small Business Server 2008, Microsoft have sought to package and cut a deal on a its typical technology set. EBS 2008 will therefore appeal to any operation with more than a concurrent 75 users up to 300 on network at any one time.

The product particularly facilitates the breaking out of the technology set over multiple servers to distribute its key applications. Like Small Business Server 2008 EBS2008 is a 64 bit operating systems designed to make use of more than 4Gb of Memory essential for most operations at this scale and giving a level of future-proofing against the many memory hungry applications coming through.

Built from the Server 2008 platform EBS2008 utilises the look and feel of the Vista interface and Microsoft are pushing heavily the better integration between this generation of operating systems and The Microsoft Vista Operating System.

This is critical because Vista will become the only choice for Business operating Systems in January 2009 when its last great bastion, Dell, finally cease to offer the worlds most popular operating system.

Microsoft ceased to sell Window XP in August 2008. Whilst IT Ambulance has been keen to steer its clients around this Hobsons Choice for as long as possible, until the well publicised failings in Vista were corrected at least, January is a watershed moment.

Most enterprises will struggle to deal with the change management implications of Microsoft Vista. However foisting without preparation Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 on an innocent workforce is a recipe for uproar and disaster in user confidence.

IT Ambulance has already gained experience in working with SBS and EBS 2008 and look forward to bringing it to our customer base. EBS 2008 represents a great opportunity for sections of our customer base who have pushed the limits of SBS2003.

Our experience in migration of critical data is second to none and we have numerous Microsoft Exchange migration projects which have lead us to a unique approach minimising the impact on our customers workforce.

To discuss how Small Business Server 2008 and Essential Business Server 2008 could benefit your operation call IT Ambulance on 0871 7200 999