IT World Trembles as XP goes End of Life

Microsoft Windows XP is today ceasing to be sold by Microsoft.

Realistically the departure of the stable ubiquitous platform will take a while to run down the supply chain but within a couple of months there will be no availability. The change will catch most small business’s out.

With Office 2003 ceasing availability already last year the average small business will have a change management nightmare on its hands. Both Windows Vista and Office 2007 have fundamentally different interfaces for users. The average user will struggle with either change for a while let alone both together.

Dell have secured an agreement with Microsoft to continue supply of XP until January 2009. IT Ambulance customers will certainly be advised to break down the change into 2 stages.

Because of our relationship with Dell we shall be able to continue to supply XP equipment into 2009. We have for the last year or so been preparing our Technicians for Vista and are well placed to deal with the increased level of support this will require across our user-base.