IT Risk Alert or 2017

As the New Year starts we thought that we would give you our thoughts on what 2017 holds.

We are starting to see new innovations to protect against the Crypto* style viruses that plagued 2016. The Antivirus companies are having to find solutions to infections that run in memory and do not install on a device. Real time memory scans are hugely performance hungry. Some of our Anti-Virus partners are introducing solutions that actively monitor behaviour and look for violent changes on the system. However it’s likely that things will continue to get worse before they get better.

Cryptolocker was a game changer. We now have a virus that makes the creators money. Simple capitalism means that we now have well motivated and funded attackers and even if this weren’t the case it’s pretty clear that some of the attacks we saw in 2016 were State sponsored. The criminal element is certainly not going to give up on its cash cow and I’m afraid 2017 looks to hold more geopolitical upheaval than 2016 so it’s unlikely the state sponsored attacks will desist.

While we await a panacea from the AV Companies or some major design shift in Operating System design that will prevent this IT Ambulance will continue its awareness campaign amongst its customer base. Our specialist solutions probe your user base looking for those weak links amongst your staff who are disposed to click on the link or open the mail that will infect your business and educate them to be more cautious.

It seams the price of productivity must also be eternal vigilance.