IT Ambulance Stops Routine Updates, halting servers -routinely

One of the things reported to us as being most annoying about the way our competitor conduct business is the way they use Automatic Updates on Servers to supposedly minimize maintenance time.

The reality of this is that servers restart themselves automatically to complete updates when it does not suit the customer and frequently don’t come back up cleanly, requiring a call out to remedy.

Occasionally a rogue update will be downloaded that can have a catastrophic effect on the server or the way the business operates.

Both scenarios impact the customers business hugely, with the whole team unable to work, until the IT guys roll up and fix the problem.

All IT Ambulance contracts come with a package of maintenance that ensures all updates are supervised. Our scheduled maintenance program whether it be on site or remote ensures that someone actually “eyeballs” your updates before they are installed bringing together our experience in servicing over 400 customer sites per month. Servers are scheduled to restart when it suits the customer and out of hours as necessary. Our monitoring solutions and same hour call out guarantee means that we will have somebody on site probably before you know there is a problem.

Now we have further improved this solution. Customers on our Fully Managed or All Inclusive Service Packages will benefit from our Windows Service Update Service (WSUS) Service. IT Ambulance runs a WSUS service separate to the Microsoft own WSUS servers. This means we can minimize the interim period between urgent updates being distributed by Microsoft, being tested by the IT Ambulance Team on our test-bed Servers, primary release sites and then rolled out to our customer sites. Roll outs in this way can be managed with equal certainty and availability of our staff to resolve your issues on site.

All part of IT Ambulances commitment to invest in providing our customers the best in service.

To discuss our ProActive, Fully Managed and All Inclusive IT Support Contracts call our service Team on 0800 0214 999.