IT Ambulance HQ to Move

IT Ambulance last moved head office nearly 3 years ago and its fair to say that we are a very much bigger organization now with the HQ team over doubling in that time.

We recently successfully recruited another member to our Technical team and another to our Accounts team here in Shaftesbury and have felt that this makes our existing office uncomfortably full.

Our current location here at Wincombe Business Centre has unfortunately not been able to accommodate our expansion and so we have decided to move Head office to new premises.

Our new Location will be at 8 Longmead Industrial Estate, Longmead, Shaftesbury, SP7 8PL and we will complete our move there before the month is out.

The management team at IT Ambulance has played its cards close to its chest over the exact date of the move for reasons we hope to announce shortly.

However customers can be assured that the ongoing expansion of our team is built on solid business growth and that every time we add a new member to our team it grows our pool of knowledge and skills.

The new hire allows us to promote one of our existing team to manage the helpdesk team here full time. IT Ambulance continue to maintain an enviable record of immediate telephone assistance backed up by our unique same hour on site guarantee.

The move will follow our proven pattern for moving premises perfected doing exactly the same thing for our customers with zero downtime and minimal impact on business.

For information on our Office move or how IT Ambulances experience can benefit your companies change of locations call us on 0800 0214 999.