IT Ambulance Head Office Move

 IT Ambulance has today completed the move of its Head Office to larger premises at

The Wincombe Centre
Wincombe Business Park

IT Ambulance has taken a concerted effort to keep our offices in Shaftesbury. We had secured an agreement on substantial additional space in our old building at the Old School House but parking facilities for our fleet of vehicles “On Call” were limited on site. Although the adjacent council owned car park in Bell Street is evidently underutilised during weekday office hours the Parking Control Office were uniquely unhelpful when we asked if we could buy parking passes.

The Wincombe Centre is the only location in Shaftesbury that had the level of space that we required to accommodate our rapidly expanding team and luckily it has additional unit space to accommodate our needs for the next few years.

The move was however hampered by the long running sale of the building and the reluctance of the District Council as landlords to take on new tenants during the process.

We made a number of calls to Council officers who expressed the same level of disbelief as our management team at the way we had been treated. Unfortunately, the local authorities no longer have any obligation to encourage employment opportunities in any given area. Hence the sale of the Wincombe Centre in the first place. The timing of the sale given the current and likely short term credit crisis must be highly questionable. It is unlikely that the building will fetch a fraction of what it would have last year or indeed likely would next year.

Local Authorities are cutting all non prescribed services in an attempt to save money. Public Toilets and even Street Cleansing services are under threat so what chance for the development of pro business policy?

Finally though persistence has paid off and we are now installed in an office that provides us with all the accommodation we require for the time being and given the flexibility of a private landlord taking over the building we are confident that office space will not be a limiting factor on our growth.

IT Ambulance has a great team which we value incredibly highly and we were determined that our move would not inconvenience our staff. It is certain that if we had have moved much further out of town that there would have been casualties among our non drivers.

We are delighted that our base in Shaftesbury is now secure.