IT Ambulance chooses Volvo

 IT Ambulance has highly ethical standards in its commitment to its customer base and its duty of care to the world.

IT Ambulance is one of the largest IT Support companies in the South West of England and has made public its ambition to be the dominant IT Support company to the SME market in the south of England within 3 years.

We have a rapidly expanding field service team and are aware of our potential impact on the environment says Managing Director Frank Connelly ‘ We are also acutely aware of the value of our field based personnel and want them to enjoy the highest possible standards of safety and comfort in performing their duties’

This was brought home to IT Ambulance in 2007 when senior Technician Paul Taylor driving his own vehicle was involved in a horrific collision on a Dorset road. You can read what the Sun had to say here

IT Ambulance is like a big family and this really made us take stock.The decision was made that IT Ambulance should take on the responsibility of providing our field based personnel with the safest form of transport that we could.

Accordingly we conducted a wide ranging procurement Exercise and chose the Volvo V50 model as the most appropriate to our needs. Volvo’s highly modern direct-injection diesel engines provide even better fuel economy and produce about 20 per cent less carbon dioxide compared with corresponding petrol engines. The latest common rail technology ensures that the fuel is combusted as efficiently as possible, at the same time as pollutant emissions are reduced.

With advanced management of the exhaust conversion process, this eliminates over 95-99 per cent of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from the car’s exhaust gases. Volvo’s diesel engines utilise their fuel efficiently and are equipped with the latest exhaust conversion technology, ensuring effective reduction of particulate emissions. For example, our diesel engine particulate filters remove around 95% of such emissions.

All new Volvos are 85% recyclable and 95% recoverable
Volvo utilize Climate neutral manufacturing
Material and parts selected for low environmental impact

IT Ambulance is happy that our new fleet with a commitment to 48 vehicles is the right choice for sustainability in keeping with the companies ethical values and in protecting our team.

For more information on IT Ambulance Ltd or for careers with a company that cares this much about its employees call 0871 7200 999.