IT Ambulance announces HQ Move to Zeals Wiltshire

IT Ambulance is on the move- AGAIN!

Well it’s just short of 2 years ago that IT Ambulance moved its head office from Wincombe Park to Longmead in Shaftesbury.

Both IT Ambulance and its Landlord Wessex Group have managed growth throughout the downturn. Unfortunately this has meant that we are rubbing against each other.

The good news about the downturn is at least there is plenty of property available but just not in Shaftesbury. So sadly IT Ambulance is moving out of the town and just across the border to Zeals.

Zeals is just into Wiltshire, it is a village that is the joining point for Somerset, and Dorset and sits just off the A303 which allows us better access to the West and East and takes 9 miles of the journey north.

IT Ambulance has found an ideal home in a converted farm courtyard at St Martins Courtyard. Finally peace and quiet and lots of parking! Our new office is a period conversion over 2 floors amounting to 1800 Square Feet allowing us room to expand and some much needed immediate Engineering space.

We anticipate moving around the 27th July but the Directors are playing it close to the chest. Last time they went on record saying that a move is too good an opportunity to miss performing a full DR Plan invocation. Oh Joy!

In 2010 this involved a full denial of premises test for 2 days. It went very well but we only had a few hours to prepare to move everyone and everything.

For further information about our planned move and how it affects you call 0800 0214 999