GDPR – Compliance in a Box?

GDPRIT Ambulance has a long history of working with Financially Regulated Companies. This has given us a head start on our competitors in terms of meeting best practice and dealing with the compliance issues raised by GDPR.

As of 25th May 2018 your business must be able to demonstrate that it is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation Act which governs how you must hold data, how you use it for marketing and how you must respond to requests regarding personal information. Sitting at its heart is data security and you must be in a position to prove that you have robust practices that meet best practice.

However most business’s do not have a clear idea of how this Act impacts their business, even though this empowers the Information Commissioners Offers to levy fines of up to 4% Global Turnover for non-compliance.

IT Ambulance’s “Managed Service Provision” meets the requirements of GDPR, out of the box.

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