‘GameOver Zeus’

‘GameOver Zeus’ is an attack that made National News in the UK on Monday this week and far from having 2 weeks to prepare IT Ambulance dealt with its first infections on Tuesday.

‘GameOver Zeus’ is a very sophisticated piece of malware that has spread world wide. It is referred to as a botnet as once infected all of the computers can be controlled from a single location to perform whatever action they want. It maliciously sends out spam emails and attacks websites but perhaps the most damaging aspect of this infection is that once you have been infected any of the details stored on your computer from the passwords saved on your browser to your online banking details can be stolen. It also has the ability to evade some of the most common Anti-Virus programs and lie completely dormant giving no sign that you are infected, even though it is consistently harvesting your details.

This is a very real threat.

IT Ambulance has taken a number of steps to protect its customers.

To help to make sure that everyone can stay secure we are recommend you should run a free scan from here: http://www.mcafee.com/uk/downloads/free-tools/stinger.aspx