Fleet Change For IT Ambulance

Its a well known that IT Ambulance loved its Volvo V50 Fleet.

Well most of IT Ambulance loved them. Unfortunately with the growth of our office network into more metropolitan locations the mighty mile eating Volvos, so beloved of our out of town Technicians, became the source of some discomfort of our City dwelling folk.

Parking Spaces kept shrinking it seems and the diesel engines were not so economical around town. As a company, IT Ambulance were keen to support greener machines in accordance with our Zero Carbon Footprint objectives.

After a lot of discussion it has been decided to begin a transition to the Vauxhall Astra 1.6L Petrol SRi’s.

In picking this model we chose to heavily favour a car manufactured in Britain. British industry needs our support in these difficult economic times.

We were delighted to receive the first transporter fully loaded with our new fleet in Shaftesbury yesterday, all ready to be liveried. We are re-working our design at the time of writing.

Watch this space for news.