We’ve got an IT company, why change?

Not all IT Companys are created equal!

In our 16 years of experience in this sector we find most IT support companies are well meaning but are there to book time to your account, and because of this they are heavily focused on chargeable hours. As a result of this it is not possible for them to keep current with pace of change in technologies and it is, particularly now, easy to spot the businesses that are resisting change on the basis they don’t understand it. They are just burying their heads. We do not think that is acceptable.

Unfortunately, there are a minority of support companies that are prepared to exploit their customers lack of knowledge to make a quick buck and we regularly find organizations being charged for work that isn’t necessary, or at over inflated rates. Some technicians carry sales targets! That reflects on our whole industry and really makes us mad.

We are a family run business that grew from simple beginnings helping friends, Neighbours and local businesses. We are humbled by the success we have achieved and the desire to help still drives our business forward. Today, many of our clients count us, genuinely, among their friends. Whilst we are a deeply technological company, we pride ourselves on the interpersonal skills of our team.

We like to operate transparently. Our contracts are clear, our explanation of work carried out causes most new customers to sit up in surprise. Our skills are individually certified, often carrying individual undertakings of professional conduct; our systems are externally scrutinized and awarded accreditation to the highest international standards. Our staff carry out around 1 month of training per year to keep them current in addition to the new surprises our wide customer base regularly throws us. IT Ambulance hold ourselves accountable for what we do and we are quick to address any concerns. We are ultimately backed by the correct insurances.

We are fiercely independent, agnostic, and we don’t follow any one vendor’s vision for the future. We maintain relationships with many vendors so you can count on the technology that works best for you, that is not skewed by a specific doctrine or sales target. We do not base technology decisions upon what makes us the best margin.

We uphold ambitious standards for global citizenship, being mindful of our impact on our planet and the waste that IT products cause. We back this up with assured data destruction and secure recycling of our own and customer equipment whilst continuing to work hard to reduce our carbon footprint.

Oh, and when you are most in trouble, we will be onsite with you in an hour. We believe IT Ambulance has a very compelling story.

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