Don’t believe it could happen to you?

 One weekend in 1992 the first company I was ever participant in caught fire and we lost our warehouse, office and pretty much everything in it. What wasn’t destroyed directly by fire was destroyed by heat, smoke or by the water the fire brigade was dousing everything down with for days afterwards.

I worked from a briefcase on the floor for most of the following week, before I was taken ill with legionnaires disease – probably contracted from all the contaminated wet items handled during the recovery of what little remained.

However, I learned valuable lessons from this experience and the disaster recovery plans that IT Ambulance build, and the way we deal with emergencies today, still has a straight line to that first disaster in 1992.

On Saturday 7th June 2008 at 8am I received a call from the Office Manager at one of our customers in Dorset. A fire had taken hold at the neighbouring premises and spread to our customers warehouse and office. The fire service had kindly removed some PCs in a hurry for them, but the condition of the items was not known.

We swung into a standard Business Continuity Plan;, redirecting the mail services before two of our team arrived on site and set to work recovering salvageable items from the smouldering ruins – before being evacuated by the fire service still damping down our customers fire ravaged warehouse and offices.

IT Ambulance recovered the server, repaired the damage to it and replaced all the missing peripherals; setting it up using our Disaster Recovery facilities that are always on standby in Shaftesbury. By that afternoon mail services were restored to the remote users and during the next day our team set up all of the staff to work from home.

We were able to supply equipment from stock to keep everybody working. More replacement equipment arrived the next day. Our staff catalogued the damage to every single item of equipment recovered, repaired and decontaminated everything fit for return – delivering it out to the homes of affected staff within a day.

Our report to the loss adjuster got the company an immediate approval for an interim payout.

“Thought I would drop you a line to thank you for everything you have done for us. I don’t know what we would have done without you to get us back up and running in such a short space of time, you really are a miracle worker!

Thank you seems such an inadequate word to use but thank you again.” – Office Manager of our affected Dorset based client.

Why were IT Ambulance able to do this with so little excitement?

Experience. We have a really unique and practical approach to mitigating business risk without spending a fortune.

IT Ambulance has hundreds of SME customers and Disaster Recovery is a central tenant of our approach to every single business we work with. Not just “We can monitor your back ups remotely Gov!” Back Up policy is a tiny but essential part of any business recovery plan but only in context.

This year we have already managed Disaster recovery process due to

  • Fire
  • Flood (roof failure)
  • Server Failure
  • Phone Line Failure
  • Theft
  • Denial of premises

It is unlikely that any other organisation in the country has anything like our level of experience of dealing with business critical disasters.

How confident are you that your IT Solutions would cope with even a minor disaster?

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