Cloud Migration

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

Cloud migration

In 2019 Windows Cloud services really came of age

It’s fair to say the pandemic was a game changer for technology. IT is often only really considered when it becomes problematic, but as more and more staff went to work from home the Board of most companies suddenly realised that it was the enabler for their whole business.

Two years on, many staff do not wish to return to the traditional 9-5 in an office and in many cases they now don’t have to. Cloud technologies, which were always a consideration, now met one really important criteria for adoption, more people working outside the office than inside.

Why should you consider moving to the Cloud?

There are numerous reasons why businesses are moving to cloud computing in ever-increasing numbers. A Deloitte survey from March 2021, details the top three drivers were:

  1. Improved Security & Data Protection
  2. Data Modernization
  3. Cost & the Performance of IT Operations

Aside of these key drivers, there are many more benefits why to move to the Cloud:

  • Reduced Capex considerations (no server replacement)
  • Enterprise Class Data Security
  • More flexibility
  • Greater data mobility
  • Increased access to analytics
  • Improvements to collaborative working
  • Better business quality control
  • Rapid Data Recovery
  • No Downtime for Server Updates

Making the move

Many companies already use various Cloud solutions without really thinking about it. For these companies, completing the transition will only require some licence upgrades and perhaps some set up time to complete the transition. Consideration will be needed around both change management and user training.

Small to Medium Companies that already have significant legacy on-premises solutions will be more complex to move. They will require expert assistance to deliver a smooth transition from On-Prem to Cloud computing; IT Ambulance has a lot of experience and a well proven methodology to deliver this.

Making a Plan

There are several approaches that you can take to transition from On-Prem to Cloud-based operation.

Firstly, there is a mind shift in moving from On-Prem, which has historically involved capital investment in infrastructure, to a Cloud-based system which typically is a subscription model. There may be resistance in your in-house IT Team and current IT Support partner because they have not got the experience required to feel confident in performing such a migration.

Secondly, you need to find a partner, like IT Ambulance with genuine experience in migrating you from On-prem. This includes the consultative and technical skills to both plan and execute your migration to conclusion with minimal disruption; coupled with the ability to support your end users as they change from their familiar practice.

Thirdly, expect to have a specialist support company, like IT Ambulance manage your “Tenant” within Microsoft’s cloud. Whilst there is no server now to patch and maintain, the application and security management of your Microsoft Cloud infrastructure is significantly more sophisticated and it is essential to have this monitored regularly. Microsoft’s solution has, after all, evolved to cope with the modern security threats of our cyber terrorism and warfare age.

How do we perform on-premises-to-cloud?

Your business data is, as is ours, the lifeblood of our operation. It is ever increasing and contains more than just your IP and Knowhow. You will hold information of incredible value to cyber criminals and you have legal obligations to its security under the GDPR Act. So, it may not surprise you that a Cloud migration is significantly more than just moving your operations data from one place to another. Data is increasingly the most valuable asset your business may possess, as modern business processes generate increasing amounts of data. The process will typically be structured like this:

  1. Analysis
    Analyse the network infrastructure and bandwidth. Remediate the existing cloud tenant. Analyse the data that is going to be migrated. Consider the differences between the format of the data now, and what the format will be in the new system. Can we optimise this? Analyse the needs of your users and get a handle on their ability to cope with change. Plan to manage their needs.
  2. Backup Your Data
    It is essential to backup all data before any migration begins so that there is less likelihood of data loss should unexpected issues arise.
  3. Initial Testing
    Use a copy of your production environment and test your migration code.
  4. Extraction of Data
    Use a data loader or ETL application to extract the data.
  5. Transformation
    When doing the analysis earlier you may have identified that changing the format of the data may be required for the new host application. Now is the time to transform that data if it is required.
  6. Loading
    Using the tool selected earlier, load the data into the new system.
  7. Verification & User Acceptance Testing
    In collaboration with your staff, who are experts in your operation we check to ensure that the data transfer worked as planned and that you can access it on the new system as needed. This is now a great time to train your trainers or end users on a subset of meaningful data.
  8. Retirement
    We tend to leave the legacy system disconnected but available for a few months before it is wiped and disposed of in a secure way, in accordance with your business’s asset disposal policy.

How can we support you with your Cloud migration?

IT Ambulance did not adopt cloud services lightly. We pride ourselves on not following anyone’s doctrine and always putting our customers first. Certainly, we watched the early adopters struggle and had some notable success in recovering botched migrations that made absolutely no sense. However, the world has moved on and the threats and opportunities that influence the Cloud proposition have changed. If it’s a good fit for your business we are well placed to make it happen for you, whether that be a full cloud migration or even a hybrid solution that allows your business to have the best of both worlds.

IT Ambulance Ltd has quality systems underpinned by our ISO9001 accreditation that means our methodology for undertaking your migration is sound. Our security procedures are certified to ISO 27001 and our staff are trained and exercised on Microsoft’s solutions daily. A Cloud migration certainly isn’t something to be undertaken having watched a Youtube video. However if you feel that you have the in-house expertise to carry out a Cloud migration yourself, but are looking for some higher-level guidance, please feel free to get in touch with us for a consultation as we would happily share our experience.

If you feel that you need a partner to help manage your Cloud migration completely, then selecting an experienced IT company like IT Ambulance as your provider could be a good idea, saving you a lot of stress and at the same time reduce risks of things going wrong (including data loss or leakage) in the process.

GDPR – Compliance in a Box?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

GDPRIT Ambulance has a long history of working with Financially Regulated Companies. This has given us a head start on our competitors in terms of meeting best practice and dealing with the compliance issues raised by GDPR.

As of 25th May 2018 your business must be able to demonstrate that it is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation Act which governs how you must hold data, how you use it for marketing and how you must respond to requests regarding personal information. Sitting at its heart is data security and you must be in a position to prove that you have robust practices that meet best practice.

However most business’s do not have a clear idea of how this Act impacts their business, even though this empowers the Information Commissioners Offers to levy fines of up to 4% Global Turnover for non-compliance.

IT Ambulance’s “Managed Service Provision” meets the requirements of GDPR, out of the box.

Want to know more? Contact us on 0800 0214 999


Monday, October 21st, 2013

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Virtualisation Solutions

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Virtualisation SolutionsIT Ambulance provides Virtualisation Solutions based upon Microsoft’s HyperV technology.

The beauty of this particular Virtualisation technology is that it is largely free with any of Microsoft’s Server operating Systems.

So it allows the delivery of very cost effective solutions based upon a widely supported technology.

microsoft_virtualizationSo what is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation is the creation of a virtual (computer based) rather than Physical version of something, such as an Operating System, a Server, a storage device or other network location.

If you think about your hard drive on your PC, it is separated into one or more Partitions. C://, D:// E:// etc. A Partition is the division of a hard disk drive to create, effectively, two or more separate hard drives.

Operating system virtualisation is the use of software technology to allow one server to run multiple operating system images at the same time. So one piece of physical hardware server can support multiple Virtual Servers. These can be everything from a machine that supports Windows XP to support the Clocking in Software or Diesel Dispensing management, to separating Exchange Servers and SQL based Databases and applications, or anything in between.

Using Virtualisation, it is simple to move complex, highly critical bespoke applications from out of warranty Hardware to a virtual environment on new hardware without the expensive resource of consultancy from the application vendors.

We have had great success moving Server 2003 based ERP applications across to new hardware  this way.

Virtualisation has now been around several years. It has been heavily adopted and in fact in some IT departments over adopted it. It is now sometimes easier to create a new Virtual Server than to think about where a new application could logically be fitted into the existing infrastructure.

IT Ambulance recently unpicked a department with 48 Virtual Servers, condensing them initially to 12 on 4 Physical Machines. There will be further rationalization moving forward from there, but it shows what your Technicians can do if left to their own devices with an interesting technology.

Another key consideration of Virtualisation is the disconnection of  the Application and Operating System from the Physical hardware. This is a boon when designing Disaster recovery strategy as critical Systems that are virtualised can be moved quickly from one piece of failed hardware straight over to a piece of completely dissimilar hardware, different specification, different manufacturer, with no problems.
For more information on HyperV or the application and management of a Virtualised environment please call IT Ambulance on 0800 0214 999.

Thin Client

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Thin Client

  • Would you like to have a truly, “from anywhere,” access to the assets on your business computer network?
  • Do you need to centralise data from across multiple sites anywhere in the world?
  • Do you have too many users burning your bandwidth on VPN Connections?
  • Would you like to reduce your desktop support overhead or your hardware cost?
  • Do you have specific applications that are expensive to license and you would like to share?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then a Microsoft Terminal Server based solution incorporating “Thin Client” technology is worth considering.

What is a Thin Client Network?

A thin client network operates by concentrating computing power on a central server, with ‘client’ machines (i.e., computers connected to the network) doing less computing locally. In fact, the central server performs most of the computing tasks, stores data and hosts all the software applications. This allows low-powered computers and older, outdated desktop machines to run applications that normally would require higher specification computers.

Main Advantages of a Thin Client Network.

  • Highly reliable server based system that delivers superb up-time.
  • Much reduced desktop administration as issues are centralised on the server(s)
  • New Applications and Updates are run in one location.
  • Limited risk of virus attack– as virus management is centrally controlled on servers(s)
  • Standard personal desktop, programmes and data files, available from any access location or machine.
  • Reduces the bandwidth required to support remote users.
  • Small simple and silent thin client computers consume less energy and produce less heat.
  • Extend the life of existing PC Assets
  • Thin Client Device replacement cost much lower than PC Refresh
  • Eradicate reliance on a specific  location (Denial of Premises)

Main Disadvantages of a Thin Client Network.

  • The server(s) is/are critical to the operation of all computers on the network
  • A higher level of change management planning is required.
  • Technical expertise required for support is more sophisticated.
  • All computers need to be connected to a Server in order to operate. There is no stand-alone functionality.
  • Thin clients will not replace stand-alone PCs for multimedia creation, video-editing or CAD designs.
  • Requirement for Open Licensing Programme licences as opposed to cheaper OEM.

What makes up a Thin Client Network

  • Terminal Server

The central server in a thin client network is often called the ‘terminal server’. It is a powerful, high specification machine, capable of handling a large number of logged-in clients.

This server handles the processing elements of the server operating system and applications as well as much of the processing power of the individual clients.

Since the introduction of Microsoft’s Server 2008 and 64 Bit architecture able to take advantage of more than 3.2 Gb of RAM, Terminal server technology has become affordable and certainly should be considered in any environment approaching 30 users.

Client Devices

The client machine in a traditional infrastructure is the Desktop PC. These are still reusable in the Thin Client network infrastructure however they can be locked down and function at the simplest possible level, extending their lifespan and taking the urgency from your equipment refresh.

However the traditional PC can, eventually, be replaced with a purpose built Thin Client machine. These devices are typically no bigger than an external hard drive. They run cut down Windows operating systems designed to be supported by the Terminal Server. The user experience is managed completely from the server.

Thin Clients are very simple and therefore have little to go wrong. They  typically cost under £200 per device and can be attached to the back of a monitor. They offer  highly secure, clutter, noise and heat free working.

Furthermore a thin client interface can be supported by most Mobile Devices e.g, tablet devices such as iPad and many Smart phones, even when just using GSM bandwidth, not even requiring 3G!

The Terminal Server can support a mixed environment of Thin Client machines, PC’s and Mobile Devices.

Sound Interesting?

For experienced planning and support of thin client solutions for business, educational and 3rd Sector applications, call the team at IT Ambulance on 0800 0214 999.

Systems Installations

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Systems InstallationsIT Ambulance is one of the largest and most switched on IT Support companies in the South of England. We have 3 offices, Zeals, Wiltshire; Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and Park Royal, Middlesex.

Throughout the region we are well known for our ability to supply IT Support on site in a hurry and programs of Proactive Computer Maintenance to prevent IT downtime. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and our service.

However less well known is the fact that we are a Dell Registered Partner (the highest Level of Dell Reseller Partner in the UK) and have a wealth of hard won experience in IT Systems and new infrastructure design with hardware upgrade, restructure and installation.

Our Microsoft Qualified Team can advise you on how best to improve your IT Hardware Infrastructure and you will find us very competitive for the supply and installation of Servers, PCs and Networks.

Server Upgrades are a particularly complex subject and you will find our staff invaluable for their knowledge of tasks such as Exchange Server Migration and Zero Downtime Migration.

For advice on Hardware installation, replacement, upgrade and Server Migration call 0800 0214 999

Sage Development Partner

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Sage Development PartnerSage is the market leading Accounts solution for small to medium enterprises in the UK. IT Ambulance has recognised the importance of Sage to our customer base and has invested in becoming a Sage Development Partner to better serve their needs.

We have created a core team able to assist you with delivering Sage Accounts installations, upgrades, training and integration.

IT Ambulance has a great deal of experience in making Sage work the way you want it to. From the development of custom reports right through to seamless linking with your website.

IT Ambulance can create interfaces enabling Sage to communicate with other software systems in your business to streamline the flow of data, remove bottlenecks and eradicate errors that creep in through re-keying data manually.

The Sage Development Partner Program facilitates the integration of third-party solutions with the Business Management Division suite of products (ACT! by Sage, Peachtree by Sage, Sage Accpac, Sage BusinessVision, Sage BusinessWorks, Sage MAS 90, 200, or 500, Sage PFW, Sage Pro, Sage SalesLogix, SageCRM, Simply Accounting by Sage). Development partners’ third-party solutions are the most important resources for extending the functionality of Sage Software. Development partners have access to a variety of tools and resources needed to develop, test, and market their applications.

Remote Backup

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Remote Back upIT Ambulance is one of the largest and most switched on IT Support companies in the South of England, we have 3 offices, Zeals, Wiltshire; Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and Park Royal, Middlesex.

Throughout the region we are well known for our ability to supply IT Support on site in a hurry and programs of Proactive Computer Maintenance to prevent IT downtime. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and our service.

Remote Back upIT Ambulance is committed to quality Disaster Recovery planning with our customer base. Our practices are well tried and tested in anger. With such a large SME customer base we exercise against our Disaster Recovery Plans on average at least twice per quarter.

A basic requirement of any Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan is a quality back up copy of your data but this will be rendered utterly useless if it is burned, stolen, drenched or denied access to.

Off site back up should always be part of your companies policy, but who do you trust to be responsible for it religiously 365 days per year.

The simple answer is IT Ambulance. Our remote back-up solutions mean that we can reach into your data-store using the same safe and secure means that we employ to remotely support your equipment. Then copy your data to the security of our servers in both Wiltshire and West London.

Even in the event of a total loss of data, we have a copy available for you, avoiding a lot of recriminations, remorse and finger pointing.

As with all IT Ambulance solutions, our approach is pragmatic and affordable.

To discuss remote Back Up and how it fits into your Disaster Recovery plan, call 0800 0214 999.

Network Support

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Network SupportIT Ambulance Ltd is one of the largest IT Support companies in the South of England. We are a fast growing, highly sound, ethical, company that is enjoying excellent growth based on delivering outstanding value for money to our customers through a range of IT Support Contracts to suit all budgets.

IT Ambulance offers complete IT Infrastructure and Network Support for your business. From structured data cabling planning and installation, repairs and extensions to wireless, RF and laser link solutions, to physical network and soft network issues. IT Ambulance can supply standard CAT 5, CAT 5E and CAT 6 type cable solutions up to 10 gigabits per second, exterior grades and supply and install Fibre Optic Cabling solutions.

Network SupportSuch installations are suitable for all business IT Network needs including CCTV. Our team of qualified, insured and friendly IT and Network support Technicians can install, maintain, and optimize your Local area Network (LAN) and configure and support Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solutions to wider  network issues.

We have a thorough knowledge of network hardware and configuration, switches, routers and hubs as well as the software elements of your Network such as domain controllers, DHCP on all TCP IP Ethernet networks.

Many businesses are using the failure of existing equipment as an opportunity to upgrade 10/100 LAN infrastructures to gigabit capable networks, which effectively improves network speed by a factor of 10. This can be done very cost effectively.

IT Ambulance has enormous buying power and is competitive on a wide range of Network Hardware.

We aim to offer your business as complete an IT service and support package as possible, so that, if anything goes wrong, you have just one place to call.

Our IT Support Contracts are written in plain English and offer you the chance to try us before you commit, giving you confidence in IT Ambulance as a true strategic partner to outsource your IT Support and Computer Maintenance with.

All of our IT Support Contracts are backed by with our famous same hour on site service guarantee.

Sounds Expensive? You would be surprised. We regularly find we are 30% cheaper than our competitors.

IT Ambulance prides itself on being easy to do business with and we have a large customer base with ample references to prove we deliver what we promise.

Contact IT Ambulance about your businesses Network Support needs today on 0871 7200 999

Remote Support

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Remote SupportMany IT Support Companies grab your attention by over selling the benefits of remote support. It is often shown that the (marginal) cost saving benefits of remote support, provided from anywhere in the world, have the potential to save you a vast amount of time and money.

The real facts and practical obstacles that need to be taken into account by any business considering remote support as an option are often hidden. “Surely, how can the benefits not be true? My current IT Support provider is telling me that it is possible to save me a fortune – fact!”  Thankfully, our experience and expertise enables us to demonstrate  the actual reality, that any claims like this are absolute fiction!

Remote SupportWhilst quality remote support is a key part of any quality IT support strategy, the grim fact is that when the chips (and your systems) are down and you and your team can’t work, you will want an IT Support partner that will turn up quickly on site and help you to fix the problem and have the presence (literally) to make snap judgements to create “work-arounds,” to keep you in business.

IT Ambulance Ltd is larger than most IT Support Companies. We have a dedicated team on our UK based help-desk that speak plain English and will remotely monitor  your operations systems and do routine maintenance remotely where possible but you can’t clean the fans in your hardware remotely. Nor can you just ask that little question that you wouldn’t pick up the phone for!

IT Ambulance recognises that we are a customer service company that can use technology to deliver great value to your business rather than just a faceless technology company. We believe in quality controlling our people, so we don’t use contractors. Our field based team are proud to wear our uniform and drive our trusty, sign-written, Volvo fleet.

We have a large field based team of qualified, insured and friendly Technicians in your area that are guaranteed to be on site with you within an hour when you need them.

We assign all contract customers a named technician based within 25 miles of their place of business. The face to face relationship they form with your team breaks down barriers to staff admitting they don’t know how and this face to face relationship and familiarity with your systems and staff is a great asset to both us and you.

IT Ambulance is a local IT support operation with national reach and the resources and buying power to be a truly invaluable partner.

IT Support Contracts

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

IT SupportIT Ambulance Ltd is one of the largest IT Support companies in the South of England. We are a fast growing, highly sound, ethical, company that is enjoying excellent growth based on delivering outstanding value for money to our customers through a range of IT Support Contracts to suit all budgets.

IT Ambulance Support Contracts are all encompassing, so you don’t get caught out. We cover all of your computer maintenance, computer repair, IT support, Network Support, Network Security, Back Up and Disaster recovery needs. We do not charge per computer  and we think our charging structure based on the time that you actually use is the fairest in the industry. It is not our business to make money out of your business by charging for work we don’t do.

We will happily cover all of your business IT Infrastructure – PCs, Laptops, Servers, Network infrastructure including VPN, printers, scanners, mobile phone, PDA, etc, although if you have anything particularly exotic we will support you on a best efforts basis.

IT Ambulance as an ISP can provide ADSL and SDSL Broadband, Email, Web Hosting, Domain name services and even website design.

We aim to offer your business as complete an IT service and support package as possible, so if anything goes wrong you have just one place to call.

Our IT Support Contracts are written in plain English and offer you the chance to try us before you commit, giving you confidence in IT Ambulance as a true strategic partner to outsource your IT Support and Computer Maintenance with. All of our IT Support Contracts are backed by with our famous same hour on site service guarantee.

Sounds Expensive? You would be surprised. Our basic IT support Contracts start at £100 per month and we have a range of plans up to £500 per month, but of course our aim is to give you exactly what you need, so many of our customers are on a purely bespoke contract. Please talk to us if you would like to discuss a Platinum package.

We regularly find we are 30% cheaper than our competitors. Because of our excellent buying power you will find that we are also very competitive on Hardware and Software too from leading brands like Dell, Microsoft, McAfee and Symantec.

IT Ambulance also offers IT Outsource Solutions for companies looking to replace existing IT Departments.

IT Ambulance prides itself on being easy to do business with and we have a large customer base with ample references to prove what we promise.

Contact IT Ambulance about your businesses IT Support Contract needs today on 0871 7200 999

IT Consultancy

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

IT ConsultancyYour business needs to be able to meet the developing needs of your people and your customers. If you cannot embrace new technologies they could bury you.

IT Ambulance customers typically have only limited knowledge, time and money to invest in IT.

The team at IT Ambulance have a wide ranging base of skills and experience in delivering Technology based solutions to small to medium businesses and creating exceptional value.

IT consultancyOur consultants understand both business and IT and speak plainly to bridge the language and culture barrier that often stands between your Business and the Technology that can help it most.

Whether you need assistance with planning a new IT solution, infrastructure, server environment or want advice on software to support the way you work, IT Ambulance consultants are on hand to provide you with help based on hard won business experience. Disaster Planning or rather Planning against disaster is a particular forte. We are also a great asset to have on hand in the event that disaster does strike.

Our Consultants have an exceptionally wide exposure to all forms of software and hardware solutions from vendors worldwide. We also have the skills in- house to devise, build and deliver innovative solutions from scratch.

Through our specialist Sage Accounts and Payroll team we can help you to implement successful Sage software solutions, upgrade, integrate or optimize the running of your back office.

Call to discuss the possibility of a free fact finding meeting on 0800 0214 999.

Emergency Support

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Emergency SupportIT Ambulance offer professional emergency IT support services for Business Computer Technology, Network Infrastructure, Servers, Back up solutions, data recovery and software troubleshooting. We cover a typical 25 mile radius from our offices in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Zeals, Wiltshire and Park Royal West, London.

If you are in trouble now, give IT Ambulance a call and we will get one of our qualified, insured and friendly technicians or consultants on site with you in an hour guaranteed. We have an excellent reputation in support of business in the midst of IT Disaster and valuable experience dealing with Insurance Companies and loss adjusters.

We have hard won experience, dealing in real business IT Emergencies and full blown disasters. Let us devise, create and execute a Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plan now, to keep your business running.

If you are preparing a Disaster Recovery plan, give us the opportunity to appraise how best to mitigate your business risk. Consider also how, with a an IT Support Contract from IT Ambulance, we can deliver IT Support, Computer Hardware Support, Windows Support and Network Support together with the experience and planning it takes to keep your business alive in an Emergency.

Let us quote you for complete IT Support or Outsourced IT contracts, covering all your Computer Maintenance, IT Support, Computer Hardware Support, Windows Support or Network Support needs, with integral, comprehensive disaster recovery planning to ensure your businesses continuity in the event of an IT Emergency.

Email Services

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Email ServicesIT Ambulance is one of the largest and most switched on IT Support companies in the South of England. We have 3 offices, Zeals, Wiltshire; Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and Park Royal, Middlesex.

Throughout the region we are well known for our ability to supply IT Support on site in a hurry and programs of Proactive Computer Maintenance to prevent IT downtime. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and our service.

Integral to resolving customers’ issues quickly is our ability to take control over and manage common requirements, such as Domain Names, Email services using both POP and SMTP.

We have a dedicated Server in the largest hosting operation in the country and are able to support all domain name extensions currently available.

We have several options to filter SPAM from your mail delivery and can offer practical advice to reduce the risks of large scale denial of service SPAM attacks.

We provide aliasing services and mail redirect services.

Whether you require mail delivered to your PC, Exchange server or Mobile Phone, IT Ambulance are able to help you.

You will find our prices surprisingly modest for a company offering such a approachable, personal level of service.

To discuss call 0800 0214 999.

Disaster Recovery

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Disaster RecoveryIT Ambulance is a specialist in Auditing, Planning and Implementing strong Disaster Recovery policies for small to medium sized enterprises.

For most companies, DR Planning begins and ends with back-ups. IT Ambulance knows that a reliable backup solution and policy is merely a single component in a much more involved strategy for preparing for disaster.

Our experience in this area is based in hard won knowledge dealing with major disaster recovery responses throughout our customer base in the South of England.

IT Ambulance policy is to mitigate your business risk with a rational eye on the expenditure for the solution.

With hundreds of SME businesses dependent on IT Ambulance it is inevitable that we deal with multiple major disasters on a quarterly basis including hardware failure, theft, fire, flood, disgruntled employees and location denial through road works!

We are a superb partner to have when the situation  becomes critical. Our very experienced Technical and Management personnel are at your disposal in such a situation and maybe more than ever before you will be grateful for our same hour on site service guarantee.

In combination with our regular scheduled maintenance, checking and validating your back ups and keeping on top of your manageable risks, IT Ambulance will document a policy providing a well rounded solution to your Disaster Recovery preparedness.

Contract and Ad Hoc Computer Maintenance for Business Technology

Monday, March 31st, 2008