All Install Projects Go Fixed Cost with IT Ambulance

IT Ambulance delivers all install projects at a fixed cost…..Guaranteed!

With such a large customer base IT Ambulance has an incredible depth of experience in the delivery of hardware and software based projects. Since our adoption of the Prince2 methodology these projects have formed an impressive Library, and formed in Prince2 terms, our centre of excellence.

Our Experienced and Qualified Prince2 Project management team has refined, evaluated and improved our approach to project delivery over a number of years in order to minimise/iradicate the inconveniece of complex systems upgrades and also to give IT Ambulance the confidence to accurately predict and be able to offer a very competitive fixed cost on any installation or system refresh we conduct.

This in terms has significant opportunities in how our customers projects may be financed.

To discuss a fixed price Project with IT Ambulance, please call our Team on 0800 0214 999.