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Founded in 2005 IT Ambulance has grown an enviable reputation and incredibly loyal customer base. We are a family owned business at heart and whilst we have a hugely experienced team, great qualifications and leading edge technologies underpin our offering, probably as important is knowing that we genuinely care about our customers and grew to where we are out of a genuine desire to help and protect them.

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A “switched on” Managed Service Provider for everything IT.

With support hubs in London, the Home Counties and in the West Country, IT Ambulance ranks as one of the larger IT outsourcing suppliers in the region.

We grew from a genuine desire to help our friends and neighbours with IT problems that they did not understand, and that took us into supporting local businesses where our “Big Company” experience of IT has been invaluable. Fast forward 16 years and we are genuinely humbled by the success that we have created and the loyalty and respect our customers have for our team and brand. In return we work hard to earn that trust by delivering customer service that exceeds expectation, combined with innovative solutions to make your IT investment deliver to your bottom line.

Many decades of relevant experience supporting organizations of all sizes underpin our large, multi-disciplined team of Technicians. Our team are individually incredibly well qualified and we support them to stay current with new technology. Our Managers and Consultants lead from the front on this and hold not only technical qualifications, but a wider range of professional accreditations such as: service delivery and ancillary disciplines such as Privacy.

IT Ambulance has a very large, credible and verifiable customer base throughout the South of England

We are keen for you to take references from these organisations prior to committing to us.
Our size gives us enormous buying power. We were one of the very first companies recognized by Dell as a reseller and hold the highest level of Dell Accreditation. We have similar relationships with a number of software houses and specialist solutions providers.

Though cloud services mean we now support a global client base our typical clients enjoy a same hour on site service guarantee within a 25 mile radius of our physical locations. This allows us to maintain a personal relationship, and that local trusted partner feel. Our policy of supplying named Technicians to our contract customers allows us to develop a close working relationship.

We would be delighted to tell you more about how we differ from the field.

Digital Transformation


IT Ambulance provides a high quality, cost effective solution for outsourced IT support. We deliver Cloud and on premises infrastructure, as well as hardware and software solutions with all the proactive support, maintenance and training these IT systems require. IT Ambulance aims to exceed the service expectation of our customers by identifying faults before they occur and working invisibly on their systems. Besides this, we want you to have a great relationship with a team you like and trust.

We have invested in the best people, industry techniques, controls and technology to ensure this. We encourage a culture of openness and continuous improvement within the business and ensuring staff are correctly trained on new practices and legal requirements.

Quality key performance indicators are regularly reviewed and appropriate improvements made. Our documented policies and procedures ensure consistency in our service and accountability for our actions.

Our Quality Management System covers “Consultancy and Provision of IT Solutions, Support and Maintenance” which is independently audited and Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and IT Ambulance is committed to maintaining this standard.

Information Security

The Directors of IT Ambulance are committed to ensuring that the Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility of data we come into contact with relating to our business, personnel and our customers data is maintained. This data is simply the lifeblood of IT Ambulance and all staff are directed in observance of Data Security best practice in reflection of all relevant business, legal, regulatory and contractual security requirements to ensure business continuity, limit business damage, and maximize return on investment for IT Ambulance and its customers.

This is achieved by using the best industry techniques and an Information Security Management System (ISMS) approved by the Managing Director and independently Certified to ISO 27001:2013. All staff are responsible for identifying data security risks and proposing solutions. Such risks and mitigations fall to the responsibility of the Directors and appointed Named Technician Data Security for evaluation, approval and implementation. The Quality Management System and Information security management System is subject to periodic internal audit and review by the Directors and management team.

A culture of continuous improvement

A culture of continuous improvement is encouraged by developing staff within the business and ensuring staff are trained on new practices and legal requirements.

During 2018 IT Ambulance brought the requirements of GDPR in relation to IT systems to the attention of customers and in many instances carried out compliance surveys and remedial actions for them. IT Ambulance’s IT systems are now certified beyond the Cyber Essentials standard but we encourage and support customers to attain and maintain this as a minimum level of compliance with the Privacy Act 2018.

During 2020 the Information Security Management System (ISMS) was externally certified to ISO 27001:2013.

The Directors and Senior Management set data security objectives annually and these include the requirement to install all security patches from our trusted suppliers in a timely manner, to have no regulatory fines from the ICO relating to data breaches and to maintain an ISO 27001 compliant management system. These objectives are considered as part as part of the annual senior management review.

Important Policies

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