A worrying new trend for company officers

A data breach could be devastating or even fatal to your operation. Its a given that your reputation will obviously take a hit, you will suffer the shame of having to inform the Information Commissioners Office as a legal obligation and similarly update all your customers, who’s data is now for sale on the Dark Web. You might think things couldn’t get worse.

However, not only may you sit and await a fine from the ICO of up to 20% of your Global Turnover your can now expect a lawsuit from all of those affected courtesy of those lawyers that have so successfully turned car insurance into a personal injury free for all.
Over recent months we have seen many campaigns being launched by such lawyers advertising class action lawsuits to win compensation for those affected by a data leak.

Worryingly, many businesses in the SMB space have not got GDPR right and the majority of those we surveyed haven’t even registered with the ICO and paid their fee.

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Take a look at this:  https://databreachclaim.uk/