We need to support staff better in working at home

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Working from home came as a shock to some organisations in 2020

However, for most of IT Ambulance’s customers and our own staff it was not complicated. Our DR policies had long planned in around a denial of premises and we already often had the systems in place to support remote working.

However, now many businesses are adjusting to the fact that staff want to continue working from home and so they are looking for better ways to promote productivity and team working from any location.

Don’t worry, IT Ambulance have well proven solutions to facilitate your team working from home, allowing for better collaboration and communication linking in your on premises data, cloud based services or a hybrid of the two.

We would start this first with a dive into what your operational needs are and a mapping of your processes to what is available or use our hard won business experience to gently remap your processes to off the shelf solutions that can be rolled out quickly, cheaply and without the complexity associated with traditional solution procurement. We call this Digital Transformation.

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Support for your systems when they go wrong is just a phone call away. IT Ambulance was named after its unique same hour onsite service offering that guarantees you an expert IT Technician on site within an hour to deal with your most critical problems. In recent years this service exists to underpin our confidence in our managed service offering.

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Whether IT Ambulance manages your on premises infrastructure, or your tenant in a cloud based or hybrid solution you can count on our expert team to deliver a highly reliable, user friendly system that exceeds your expectation for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability wherever you need that data.

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